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The Cameroon Task Force partners with the people of Kribi to improve their health and educational opportunities, and to further an exchange of friendship between our communities. Over the years, the Task Force has supported many activities everything from building and expanding a Vocational Training Center, to providing dormitories for high school students, meeting facilities for educators, and classrooms to conducting emergency trauma training for health care professionals.

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October 29, 2022 | 9am-3pm

2022 St. John UMC Annual Fall Craft Fair

People come to our craft fair looking for the hand-crafted items they can’t find anywhere else. Our craft fair has always supported working artists.

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Our Projects


Training and Small Business Start-Up for Girls & Women

    • Seamstress training, plus sewing machines for business start-up
    • Microsoft Office comupter training for young women, with computers to start a lab
    • Small animal husbandry projects – raising pigs and snails for income generating projects benefiting women and families
    • Repairs to Education Center where training activities take place

Medical/Health Promotion
  • Training medical professionals on eye injuries and disorders by Anchorage Ophthalmologist Dr. Robin Grendahl
  • Pediatric eye exams by Dr. Robin Grendahl
  • Distribution of 900+ pairs of eyeglasses
  • Malaria prevention education and distribution of mosquito nets
  • Celebrating the construction of 2 wells providing clean drinking water for 2 villages
  • Two economic development projects started
  • Distributed 725+ pairs of prescription eyeglasses
  • Another successful sewing workshop
  • Assembled and delivered a Personal Energy Transportation (PET)
  • Ten laptop computers were hand carried to replace older laptops delivered in 2012.
  • 10-year-old Issac Hermanson led paper airplanes project with the children.
  • 25 soccer balls were distributed in Kribi
  • Malaria Prevention: Donation of mosquito nets to local families.
  • Two Kribi men reached very important professional achievements in 2015
  • Cameroon Task Force website is launched
  • Constructed a security barrier
  • Many painting projects accomplished
  • Trained residents on 22 refurbished laptops
  • Barbara Knapp led a sewing workshop with 20 seamstresses
  • Distributed 300 pairs of eyeglasses
  • Distributed 150 solar lamps
  • Three PETs given as gifts to recipients
  • Dedicated Rose’s Wells (2)
  • Donated medical supplies, sewing machines, and more
  • Distributed eyeglasses
  • Cement brick work
  • Painted black boards and exterior walls
  • Successful emergency trauma response training
  • Dedicated the Janet Hines’s Memorial Well
  • Personal Energy Transportation were assembled and distributed
  • Donated medical supplies
  • Drew a world map in the classroom
  • Distributed canes for the blind
  • Dedicated a local church
  • “Cameroon Task Force” is officially formed
  • Began renovations to the Wellness Center
  • Painted walls
  • Clearing land for a garden and plant hedges
  • Delivered mosquito nets
  • Donated medical supplies
  • Donated toothbrushes
  • Exchanged cultural experiences
  • Enjoyed fellowship

Well Projects

Clean Water

Two wells were constructed, providing safe drinking water to hundreds of people in two remote villages.

Using funds raised through SJUMC’s 2016 PFD Challenge, two wells were constructed in the villages of Akonolinga and Mongue. These communities previously had no access to clean water.

Sewing Workshop

Barb Knapp

I fell in love with large print African fabrics about 30 years ago on a trip to Washington DC where I saw women walking down the street wearing dresses created from fabulous material that I’d never seen before. Colors were purposefully bright. Patterns were intentionally huge. Dresses with matching head wraps were audacious in design and the use of color was inspiring. In a plaid skirt and turtleneck sweater my style paled in comparison. I loved African fabric first time I saw it and I’ve been chasing it ever since.”

Videos & Blogs

Fulfilling Experience

We have had several groups go on our Cameroon mission trips over the years, and each have incredible stories. We’ve created a special area for them to share their experiences with the world… and here they are!

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