Cameroon Task Force

Artist Setup Instruction

Alaska Artists:  All items sold must have an Alaskan artist connection – that means it must be something you have made, or assembled, unless the items for sale represent hand crafted artwork made outside the USA (like African baskets and jewelry) and is okayed by craft fair manager before the sale.


Load-in Day

Set up: Friday Oct. 25 from Noon – 9pm & Sat Oct. 26 7:30am – 9am

  • PLEASE, Please – if you are not planning to load in on Friday, let us know to expect you Saturday morning.
  • All artists who were at the 2018 Fair, who request the same space, will probably be in the same place. If you aren’t exactly sure where that is, see a Craft Fair volunteer.
  • We will mark off booths with chairs (and tables if you have rented one) – your name will printed on paper and taped to a chair. See Barb or another Craft Fair volunteer if you cannot find your place.
  • There are two main entrances for convenient load – both have no stairs. If your booth is located in the gym, use the double doors on the east side of the building. If your booth is on the west side of the building, use the doors near the Totem Poles.
  • Our building is secure from the time you set-up Friday night until opening Saturday morning.
  • Don’t forget your portable fire extinguisher.
  • Remember to skirt your booth to the floor with paper, plastic, or fabric.

Day of Sale - Oct. 26

This is an all day event (9am – 4pm)

  • The church will be open about 7:30am so you can complete setup.
  • Doors open to public at 9am. Please keep your booth open until 4pm.
  • We know it is hard for you to get away and we all need nourishment, so the SJUMC Cameroon Team will keep hot crockpots of soup in the artist break room off the gym. The free soup, rolls and coffee are there until it runs out.

Booth Requirements


  • Every booth must have a fire extinguisher – a municipality requirement.
  • SINGLE BOOTH – approximately 64 Square feet. Not wider than 8” (the width of the table) or deeper than 8” (back to the wall). If you want people to have access to the inside of your booth, plan to run your table on the side of your booth with a shorter table (or no table) across the front so you can get in and out. Single booths tend to be along a wall, not in the center of the rooms.
  • DOUBLE BOOTH – approximately 128 square feet – twice the size of the single booth. Not wider than 16’ (two tables) and not deeper than 8’ if against the wall.
  • Tables must be skirted to the floor – this can be a table cloth, fabric or craft paper. It just looks nicer and keeps small children from crawling under your things.
  • Those new-fangled hangers that stick to the walls and you pull the plastic at the bottom to release without taking off the paint, work just fine on the walls! Removable hangers are acceptable on all gym and church walls. They can be purchased in the hardware section of stores like Fred’s, Home Depot or Lowe’s.
  • If you need electricity please be sure to indicate it on the form. Booths in the center of the gym floor do not have electricity.


Every penny you give us for booth fees and all proceeds from the St. John bake sale and African fabric creations goes to support our ongoing projects in Cameroon, Africa. The money from last year’s craft fair was enough to pay for one well in a community that has never had safe drinking water.

Please be equal and fair with one another.  Thanks!

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