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Ten SJUMC mission team members traveled to Cameroon, May 21 – June 7, to support a variety of development projects led by a church women’s group in the seaside town of Kribi. This 12-year partnership supports health promotion and women’s small business development projects designed to be self-sustaining. Activities are based at a Vocational Training Center, established with the help of St. John and run by the Kribi women’s group.

Through the generosity of our congregation and community donors, nearly $20,000 in cash and in-kind donations was raised to support the 2017 mission with the following activities explained below (click on images to access site):

What We Do

(12 major activities)

Eye care - Dr. Grendahl

Sewing Workshop

Computer Training

Dr. Nazel Nwateh

Personal Energy Transportation

Worship & Choir Robes

Fun Actitivies

Small Animal Husbandry Projects

Trip Journal

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