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Computer Training 2017

Laura Knapp is an independent web designer and Microsoft Office guru. She enjoys crafting digital art with sleek and elegant creations.

Paula Johnson began her career as a computer programmer. As technology advanced she switched to being a Geographic Information System specialist (GIS), analyzing all types of geographic and spatial data. Her years of experience working with Excel and data entering was a valuable asset to the 2017 computer training workshop in Cameroon.

What We Did:

♦ Team members Paula Johnson and Laura Knapp led Microsoft Office 365 training

♦ 12 young women and two local teachers participated in a 20 day computer training course.

♦ 6 new laptop computers and teacher training materials were donated to the training center.

♦ Students anticipate these valuable computer skills will increase their employment opportunities.

♦ The local teachers who participated in the training will continue sharing computer skills and run an income-generating cyber-café at the vocational training center.

♦ A portion of the café’s profits will help sustain the operating costs of the training center.

Microsoft Office Training

Paula taking command of teaching Microsoft Excel.

Upon completion of the training, students demonstrated their new skills in a final presentation and were awarded certificates of completion.

Certification Day!

(Microsoft Office training)

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