Cameroon Task Force

Fun Activities

After lunch, our group took the bus and headed to see the Pygmy village, which is only accessible by dugout canoe. At the river bank, we broke off into groups of 6-8, the maximum number to fit in a canoe (along with the guy who rowed the canoe). Pygmies are indigenous people of Cameroon and are very short in stature – about 4 to 5 feet.

The Pgymy People

Tribal groups in the Kribi region include the Baka (Pygmy) people. Baka live semi-nomadic lifestyles in the isolated rainforests of southern Cameroon. The Baka shelter in temporary huts of bowed branches and large leaves. They fish, hunt, gather and trap in the surrounding forest, effectively using poisoned arrows and spears. They barter with the neighboring Bantu tribes for other essential goods. The SJUMC team traveled by dug-out canoe to visit one Baka village. Another group of Baka performed traditional dances for the team.

A fun canoe ride to and from the Pgymy village.  One of the highlights for many travelers who go to Cameroon.

Picnic at scenic beach areas

Lobe Waterfalls

Amazing views!  Mission team members were treated to wonderful beach picnics and excursions – including the Lobe waterfalls, one of the largest rivers in the world that terminates directly into the ocean as a waterfall.

Painting time!

The Vocational Training Center

The Kribi Vocational Training Center (created with the help of SJUMC) provides a base for women’s health promotion and small business development activities. The center received a fresh coat of paint with the assistance of locally-employed painters, Casey Carter, and SJUMC youth, Zachary Jones, Isaac Hermanson and Eli Hermanson.

Images below:  Isaac Hermanson retouching the SJUMC-Cameroon flags.

Evening celebration

A night of skits and celebration

Fellowship and fun with our Cameroon partners. 

We were all so proud of our work in Cameroon. We were lucky to be the hands and feet of our Alaskan United Methodist and Presbyterian congregations. For those of us returning to Kribi it was good to greet old friends, see the growth of the children and meet new babies. Mom’s sewing workshop was a huge success! And, 900 people received glasses.

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