Cameroon Task Force

Worship Time

The worship music was absolutely mesmerizing! There were several choir groups, the elders wore black robes (very hot) and the young adults wore green robes.

Each sang accompanied only by drums, whistles and hand held shakers – totally unforgettable! We joined along with their musical praises, slapping bamboo sticks together and moving our bodies to the beat.

Church Time

Mission team members worshiped together with their hosts at the Nzameyo Presbyterian Church of Kribi.

Cradling and passing the baby around is a must!

Pastor Antoine Samnick

Sponsoring a pastor’s education

Over the last four years, members of the Cameroon mission team have personally sponsored the Pastoral education of Antoine Samnick. Antoine was recently ordained and is now a Pastor of a large Presbyterian church in Cameroon’s capitol city, Yaounde.

Choir Robes

Evening concert

The Cameroon Mission team brought 30 choir robes no longer used by the St. John choir for The Diaspora Choir of Cameroon. This choir, made up of many young adults originally from the Kribi area, was thrilled to receive and make use of these wonderful robes for their professional concerts!

I find their dance and jazzy gospel-like tunes so uplifting and vocally vibrant. It was a humbling and meaningful experience worshiping with them.

Fun Activities

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