Cameroon Task Force

Youth Activities

I have been lucky to travel to Cameroon many times with my family, I have just gotten used to it, like it’s a habit. Normal families would go to Disneyland or Hawaii for a vacation, but not the Hermanson family. If you come to Cameroon, they will give you their hospitality and love. Making you feel like you are part of their family. And it’s true, we are one big family.

Isaac Hermanson


SJUMC youth Zachary Jones and Isaac and Eli Hermanson led fun activities with the local youth, including paper airplane making, Lego construction and soccer games.

40 soccer uniforms and a dozen balls distributed.

Thanks to the in-kind donations of SJUMC members, approximately 40 kids soccer jersey’s, shorts and socks were provided to equip more than two very happy soccer teams in the Kribi area! Soccer balls were distributed to 8 community teams.

40 soccer uniforms and a dozen balls distributed.

Paper Airplane

St. John youths (Eli, Isaac, and Zach) taught the kids how to make paper airplanes!

Health Promotion

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